Anthony Henderson specializes in helping entrepreneurs, business owners, CEO’s, executives, leaders and high performers aspire to be the best version of themselves. His program topics include but aren't limited to Leadership, Teamwork, Mental Toughness, Sales and Customer Loyalty. Anthony’s style inspires audiences to examine blocks keeping them from achieving more in life, which opens new doorways to possibility. His honest and frank approach delivers powerful messages that resonate and trigger action. Anthony is a certified speaker, trainer and coach with nearly two decades of experience. He has inspired many professionals to achieve their personal and business goals by sharing proven success principles, habits and high-performance behaviors easy to adopt and make permanent.


The 1st founding member of a team of collaborative achievement driven like minded individuals dedicated to achieving success in the Professional Speaking, Training, and Coaching industry. Anthony is a certified speaker, coach, and trainer in numerous curriculums including but not limited to: Live Your Dreams, Leadership for the 21st Century, Goal Setting for Champions, Psychology of Selling, and Time Management.

A research based abstinence centered sex education curricula, training and resource program

Based on over 25 years of research.  Has been recognized by the US Dept. of Education and Center for Substance Abuse Prevention as a model research program. Prevents substance use (alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and inhalants), premature sexual activity, fighting and delinquency.  Also enhances positive characteristics for young people to develop

Trainer for the Creating Lasting Family Connections Implementation

Able to train program, discuss program content, develop instructors, and resources for program delivery.  The Seven Secrets of Effective Fathers, Connecting With Your Kids, and Quenching the Father Thirst

Received impartation from seasoned, mature and anointed instructors such as Dr. Tom Peters, Dr. Bob Abramson, Dr. Kevin Dyson, Dale Gentry, David Briggs, and Tony Miller. Gleaned different insights into ministry because of the uniqueness of each teacher’s gifting and expressions of the five fold ministry.

Nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that focuses on prevention of high risk behavior including premarital sexual involvement and use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.  Empowers teens to make positive life choices & develop healthy relationships through education and mentoring.

Bystander intervention aimed at educating individuals to recognize high risk situations that may result in sexual violence and to provide bystanders with skills to assess a situation and to intervene in a safe and effective manner.

Certified in 4 sports: Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Volleyball

Better Athletes, Better People. "Double-Goal" Coach Certified. Coaching for Winning and Life Lessons. Strives to win but uses sports to teach life lessons.


Member in good standing. ID #15690 A collective of more than 3,500 members whose skills, expertise and experience power the most recognized and respected professional speakers organization in the industry.

"Training for Leadership Since 1911." Initiated in the Spring of 1989 at the Zeta Phi Chapter (University of Florida). Zeta Phi Hall of Fame Member. Past Polemarch (President) of 2 different alumni chapters; West Palm Beach Alumni Chapter & Ft. Lauderdale Alumni Chapter. LIFE MEMBER # 0414123. Current Field Deputy for the Southern Province which consists of Florida, Alabama, Bahamas, and the US Virgin Islands. Responsibilities include:
  • Assist in chapter oversight of Region #2 (ALL Undergraduate and Alumni Chapters South of Orlando Florida).
  • Assist chapters in program development and implementation of initiatives.
  • Upon designation, conduct chapter/member disciplinary investigations and/or hearings.
  • Support the Province Polemarch in the performance of his duties.

Responsibilities include:
  • Communicate the Vision
  • Engage in the Mission
  • Invest in the Community

LIFE MEMBER # 07750. Annually attends alumni games or activities and donates to the College of Health & Human Performance.